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How to Read Betting Odds

What does it depend on, how are the odds of betting on sports? Which odds are more likely to win bets? What do betting odds mean? These and other questions will be discussed in this article. Sports betting odds are an important part of betting. Many players do not understand the differences between the odds, what the word margin and other things mean. Let's look at the questions about odds in betting as clearly and in detail as possible. Is it true that the higher the odds, the lower the probability of passage? What odds can be considered the best or most passable?

What does the odds ratio depend on?

Some bettors do not know what sports betting odds depend on. The odds figure depends on the following:

  • Different bookmaker's offices have their own policy of setting rates. Some shops try to set serious numbers for favorites, others - for outsiders. Some have a better prediction on the total more, others on the total less. It turns out that the odds of sports betting depends directly on the owner of the office.
  • The second reason refers to the margin. This is the value that the BC takes for itself in any case. As an example, consider any bet with a 50/50 probability. Prediction platforms do not give odds that double the bet (2.00) but do odds of 1.85 - 1.90. The margin on this event is from 10% to 15%, and the bookmaker can get his profit in any case.

Calculation of betting odds

Now let's look at how the betting odds are determined. For this purpose, the estimated probability of different outcomes of the match is used. This probability is calculated by special analysts who use abundant statistical databases. Specialized programs and the opinions of various experts are taken into account.

Let's study clearly what the odds mean in sports betting. Let's consider the French Cup match between Anger - PSG.

Analysts of the BC have made certain predictions, and we will calculate using the formula 100%/coefficient probability.

If you're wondering what odds are better to bet on, then betting in expresses will be more profitable than in ordinaries. But there are more risks involved. In a parlay, the odds of all events are multiplied, but if one of the selections doesn't work, the whole parlay loses.

If we consider which odds are more likely to win in bets, then statistically the odds on favorites should be chosen the most. They have small values, but the probability of the result is high and the profit, respectively, small. Maximum odds are characterized by a small percentage of probability but can bring big profits.

Types of odds

European odds. In the line, odds have a form of a decimal fraction, for example, 2.14, which should be multiplied by the bet amount.

English odds. It has the form of a simple fraction, which shows the probability of winning the outcome of the forecast. It is displayed as follows: 3/1 и 10/5.

The American odds. It is offered in terms of net profit from the won prediction. The signs "plus" and "minus" are added.

Bettors in the odds should understand, constantly monitor the fluctuations in the lines, which will allow you to find great odds and win funds.


Now you know what betting odds mean and how they are calculated. The main thing is to set aside time to study the odds and find the highest figures. It is important for bettors to play systematically and be able to calculate the odds in the lines correctly.

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